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For many years, while raising a family and running a Hi-Tec company in Israel and the US, Hi-G-Tek Ltd / Inc , I have practiced extensively people and wildlife photography. This became my main hobby, source of joy and the escape from the high pace and demanding world of advanced technologies.
For that I always had a great partner, my wife Ofra. We share the pleasure of observing and learning in nature. That is what happens to you when you find your wife in a cave in the Judea desert. Ofra was a nature guide in the field school of Ein Gedi Israel when I met her inside the "Lovers Cave" above the Ein Gedi water fall. Since then we managed to raise a family with four children that all love people and nature.
By the end of 2015 Ofra was diagnosed with ALS. On the 25th of January 2019, following a brave and fearless fight, her smile was gone. We miss her so much .....
While traveling for business around the world I have enjoyed more and more the real true moments of life in remote locations and nature safari trips. Learning about the values, happiness and suffering of people and wildlife around the world.
My photography is about catching these moments in life. Once they are captured and frozen by the camera, they tell a story. I simply hope that it is of some value for others.
I am one of those Nikon people. It is Nikon D5 and D850 that I use with the VR 600mm, VR 200-400 and 24-120mm lenses. I am still a Monopod and Fly Shot photographer but use more and more the tripods mainly with the 600mm. I use the Photoshop for processing and some other software programs in special cases.
ABOUT Micha Auerbach Photography
Micha Auerbach Photography | Photo from a trip
Micha Auerbach Photography | Photo from a trip
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